Tarentaise Nanny Services: Travel Insurance & Covid-19

If (like us!) you are desperate to get your annual Snow - fix it's likely that your thoughts have already turned to your next Ski Holiday. Naturally, amidst all this uncertainty you're keen to protect yourselves & your family.

And so... the question of Travel Insurance presents itself!

We've searched through forums, blogs & articles to give you all the latest information.

'Dreaming of bluebird days...'

Since the easing of lockdown measures earlier this Summer the majority of providers have resumed sales of travel insurance.

However, it is important to note that not all of them will offer you protection in the face of Covid-19. And - those that do, do so to varying degrees.

In short, there are 3 types of insurance available to you:

A) Standard Insurance

Which applies a 'General Exclusion' clause to all claims that stem from Coronavirus.

B) Covid-19 Medical Expenses

You will be permitted to claim for any medical expenses you encounter as a result of testing positive from Covid-19 abroad, but nothing else.

C) Covid-19 Medical Expenses & Cancellation

In a nutshell, this means that in certain circumstances you will be able to claim if Coronavirus does not permit you to travel.

At present, the following providers that can be included in category 'C'.

Abta, Allclear, Allianz, Assistance, ASDA, Axa, Co-op, Insurefor, Jet2, Nationwide, Staysure, & Trailfinders.

*At present it is only Nationwide known to offer cover in the event that 'your destination restricts it's boarders before you travel for reasons relating to the pandemic'.


For further information relating to 'Coronavirus' Travel Insurance please visit: (Referenced 21 August 2020)

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