Tarentaise Nanny Services: What to Expect from Winter 20/21

For those of us who love all things snowy & mountainous the end of the Summer Holidays typically signals the excited anticipation of Winter.

This year however, things are different. Our usual enthusiasm has been somewhat clouded by uncertainty & numerous questions. But fret no more! We're here to help by answering some of your burning questions about the upcoming Winter, helpfully informed by our comrades in Ischgl.

This week, the Austrian Ski Station became one of the first to release it's 20/21 operational guidelines specifically relating to Covid-19.

'Who's ready to Ski 20/21?'

Whilst we can safely assume that there will be some variation in the implementation of Covid guidelines across Europe; We can take note of the following to prepare ourselves for what Winter 20/21 in France *may look like.


Where / Will wearing a face mask be mandatory?

It is likely that your Buff/Snood/Scarf will graduate from a garment of choice to mandatory, with face coverings becoming essential in all indicated areas of the resort (including lifts).

In addition, we can expect that all employees who experience customer contact will wear a mouth mask during working hours.

Will lift capacity / pass sales be limited?

Ischgl has reported that they will not be limiting lift capacity specifically but have cautiously noted that the number of persons admitted to the area may be restricted.

Will public areas be regularly disinfected?

It has been stated that all public areas, including gondolas, shops & buses will be disinfected several times a day using an agent that is 99.9% effective in eliminating bacteria. The agent will be biological, leaving no traces & is labelled as 'skin & eye friendly'.

Hand sanitiser will continue to be available in various locations with it's use encouraged.

Will we be expected to socially distance?

In Ischgl, lift queues will be set up in a way that prevents people from coming close together.

In restaurants, a minimum distance between tables will be maintained & partitions will be in place where possible.

Preventative Testing

Lastly, it has been announced that staff members will be tested prior to starting work & periodically throughout the season in order to help reduce infection rates.

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