The Role of Your Nanny

The nanny will provide the agreed upon childcare services.


In providing these services the nanny will:

  1. Devote the whole of her time, attention and ability to the services

  2. Act at all times with the due care and attention to be expected of a competent, qualified child carer

  3. Follow the Family’s instructions in relation to the care of the children

  4. Ensure that any developmental equipment, toys and experiences provided by the Nanny will be appropriate to the age and stage of development of the children named


The Family will reimburse the Nanny for all reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of her duties (provided the Family have approved the expenses in advance and evidence of expenditure is provided).

Fees & Booking *Updated 14/07/20*

We are currently taking reservations with no down-payment required before 1st October 2020. As of this date, we will request a 15% deposit. The remaining balance of your booking is to be settled prior to your departure from resort.

Cancellation Policy *Updated 14/07/20*

Should you need to cancel your booking, due to Covid-19 or for any other reason the following terms will apply:

- You are able to cancel your booking at any time without any additional charges. 

- The 15% deposit paid after the 1st October will remain non-refundable but can be used to secure our childcare services for the following season.  We retain this fee in order to ensure that our staff can remain in resort and ready to welcome your little ones. 

- Whilst your 15% deposit is non-refundable, we are able to issue cancellation invoice for the purpose of claiming any losses from your insurance company.

- It is mandatory that all clients take out Holiday Insurance to cover any costs incurred as a result of circumstances that prevent you from using our services. 

Working Hours

All working hours will be agreed at the time of booking. Should you choose to start or finish your day at a different time and your nanny is not required for the full duration of the pre-booked session no-refunds will be issued. Any additional hours will be invoiced at a pre-arranged rate. Evening childcare can be arranged upon request.

Sickness & Medication

The Nanny will notify the Family without delay of any accident or injury occurring whilst the children are in the Nanny’s care. The Family will inform the Nanny about any relevant medical conditions or treatment and the administration of medicines.

Sickness of Your Nanny

In the event that your nanny falls ill during your stay and is unable to care for your child, we will endeavor to find a suitable alternative for your needs. Should this not be possible, you will only be charged for the total number of childcare hours provided. Any prepaid hours unspent will be refunded in full. 


The Nanny will supply the children with meals at the times agreed, except when prevented from doing so in catered accommodation. In this event, it is the responsibility of the Family to agree a suitable alternative with their nanny.

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